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God Breaks Through

Michael Yeo

I was addicted to morphine at the age of twelve, during the early 70s when hippie culture and underground R&B music had tremendous influence on drug addicts. Dad passed away when I was fourteen, so my mum had to work really hard because my family was poor. Growing up, I developed a rebellious never-say-die attitude.

Later in the 80s and 90s, my involvement with gangs made me more violent. I often got into gang-fights and pushed drugs in the nightclubs. I was deeply engaged in black magic and was tormented by the spirits to the point of almost committing suicide. I was also using many different drugs. When I exhausted all my resources for money, Mum was the only avenue that I could rely on to sustain my addictions. Out of love she supported me, but I could see the hurt and grief I have caused deep down in her heart, as she often cried and begged me to change. In fact, I was more than willing, but it was beyond my own strength. And being so tormented by such a life, there was constant strife in the family.

I had wasted away more than twenty years of my life, being in and out of prisons and rehab centres eleven times. But thank God, in 2002, my close encounter with Jesus Christ in prison became a turning point for me.

I still remember then how the Holy Spirit convicted me. It was during lunchtime. With heart filled with bitterness and sorrow, I could hardly eat despite my hunger. Thinking back on the pain and suffering I had brought on my family, I despaired! But God in His perfect timing spoke powerfully to me and I wept bitterly. At first, I thought that it would take a long time before God’s restoration work would take effect in my life. I was remorseful but also afraid to face the consequences. God saw my predicament and knew that I was repentant; He turned that painful experience into hope. As soon as I responded, God kindled within me faith, determination, and desire to yearn for a new life that would never end up in prison again. The moment I confessed all to the Lord and rendered my sincerity to Jesus Christ, God honoured my prayer and raised me up.

Gradually, His love compelled me to commit wholeheartedly to His calling by living a fruitful and meaningful life, giving glory to the name of Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, as my life entered into another level of faith, I finally found the courage to renounce my association with prison gangs, with whom I had been very actively participating in all kinds of illegal activities. Soon after that declaration, I faced a lot of struggles and obstacles whenever I made my stand as a Christian.

In the midst of these crises, I was hard hit by the news that my brother, a man of God, had gone to be with the Lord. I was terribly devastated and cried for many days. Just when I almost gave up fighting the battle, God allowed me to have another encounter with Him that decided my present and future hope. Thank God for I now know that if this adversity was not for my growth, God would not allow it to come my way. Praise God! Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5), and these tests developed in me trust, perseverance and faith to depend on my God, Jehovah-Nissi.

I have now been with Breakthrough Missions for almost three and a half years. By the grace of God, I have been serving in its music ministries as a guitarist. Together with Pastor Simon and the team, we go to different churches every week to sing and witness for the Lord. We have also been travelling to other countries, where people have been touched and encouraged by God through our singing and testimonies. We have visited various prisons, reaching out to the inmates by sharing our experiences with them. What a joy to see many of them respond and turn to Christ. Thank God indeed for using us in such a great way. Every time I am given the opportunities to do great things for the Lord, I remember His grace upon my life that makes all this possible.

Today I no longer bring shame to my family. What I had missed and lost in life, God is restoring now. Jesus Christ has put an end to my frequent returns to prison. Mum had been worried about my future, but now she rejoices because she has witnessed the transforming power of Jesus Christ taking effect in my life. Society thinks that a convict will always be a convict—“a leopard will never change its spots”—but God reversed that by using me as his witness, as a living testimony to 2 Corinthians 5:17 (Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!).

All glory to the Name of Jesus Christ!


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