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Chinese Olympic Diver’s Baptism Testimony

Source: | English translation: Linda Yang

Chinese Olympic diver, Fu Mingxia and her husband, Antony Leung, former Financial Secretary of Hong Kong shared their testimony on Yuan Zhiming’s blog. Known as China’s diving queen, Fu is a former member of the Chinese Olympic diving team and winner of three Olympic gold medals. Leung, a successful Hong Kong businessman, had previously left the business world for a tenure as Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary. They married in 2002 and were baptized in November 2009.

Fu says, an older friend had expressed shock at their conversion because their careers and lives were very successful. Why believe in God? Also, in China, Fu had been a Buddhist and accepted a ritual performed by a “living buddha.”

However, everything happened according to God’s will. From late 2006 to 2007, there were conflicts with Fu’s family that the couple could not resolve, and both were very upset. Fu spoke of this to the mother of her daughter’s classmate, who was a devoted Christian. They began to pray together, and Fu felt peace after praying. Her anxiety regarding the situation vanished.

In the meantime, Christian friends eagerly began to invite Fu to Bible studies, from which she learned not only about Christ but also about how to live. Her husband Leung says that he was also praying for Fu at the same time. So for the next two years, husband and wife attended Sunday service and weekly Bible studies.

Fu says, before accepting Christ, both her career and family life were successful, without much care. After having her daughter, worries mounted. Whenever she heard about large-scale disasters, she felt the smallness of her existence and began to worry about her family’s present and future.

After knowing Christ, the biggest difference was the peace that filled her. Knowing that all her worries were taken care of by God allowed her to calm. Prayer became a necessary part of her day; she would give thanks everyday and tell Him all her problems. Also, the assurance and hope of eternity changed her perspective on the present, and she thought less on her present troubles.

Leung, like many others born and educated in Hong Kong, went to Christian school for ten years, sang hymns everyday, and memorized the Lord’s Prayer. However, he didn’t think much of God. After high school, his education and career path were very successful. Young and ambitious, he simply did not have space in his heart for God.

He shares, “In 2003, after I left the government for some time, some former classmates taught me a lot about God and read The Purpose-Driven Life with me. But I didn’t understand what life was all about and what predestination meant, so I didn’t keep searching for God.”
In 2006, he attended Sunday service at Kong Fok Church. He said, “It reminded me of my prayer to God in early 2004. I found that he answered my prayer, while I continued to chase after the things that I had promised Him I’d abandon. In 2007, I committed my life to Christ. After that, I often told friends about my faith journey, and the good things that have happened.”

Leung shares that after believing in Christ, his burden has visibly lifted and experienced less stress, knowing that everything is in His control. In other words, God has got his back. Besides, knowing that there is eternity makes the present not so important anymore.

Finally, Leung says, “The Lord Jesus has taught us to act justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with God. I am continually learning, especially learning humility. I hope that I will closely follow Christ’s commands to glorify God, benefit others, and fulfill my purpose.”


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