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Dance of Peace

Kiera Lhys

How is it that such gloominess captures me?
Rain streams from the heavens without end.
Are they God’s tears? Or the Gardener’s care?
Falling and falling, continuously, endlessly, falling
Such a strange repetition with a wry beauty.
A visit from above, a soft pitter on the ground.
The rain continues to come, continues to fall.
In falling it entrances me, enslaves my eyes.
Though exhausted, my mind is ablaze with thoughts
While I watch this greyness pouring down and down
Safely from inside the window, away from the wind
And rain that never ceases, long as I may watch.
Such calm steals through my soul as I sit,
A peace that cannot exist fills my heart, my mind.
I worry over nothing, no stress can touch me
As long as I am still, unmoving, listening to the quiet,
Listening to the whisper of my own thoughts, listening
To the gentle pattering of the rain’s dance, nature’s song.


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One Response

  1. Sharon says:

    I love that line so much.

    “Are they God’s tears? Or the Gardener’s care?”

    So. Good.

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This blog features mostly original writings as well as comics, poetry, and other works of art by local Christian young adults.

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