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Youth Spring Retreat with Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church

青年團契 2010春季靈修會 (April 30 – May 2)
C&C 2010 Spring Retreat (April 30 – May 2)

(已報名註冊名額 30位;尚有20位名額,報名請從速!30 members registered; 20 positions left; complete your registration ASAP)

主題: 國王的新衣
「若有人在基督裏,他就是新造的人,舊事已過,都變成新的了。」(歌林多後書 5:17)
Topic: The Emperor’s New Clothes
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

講員/Speaker: 羅廣教授 Dr. Victor Lo (UBC Professor)

目的:因為 上帝愛我們,我們希望藉由這次活動來分享 上帝對我們的愛,並在 基督愛的家庭裏拉近彼此間的距離;及透過本次主題的學習與探索,加添我們對 主耶穌基督的認識與信心!
Goal: To learn to love each other as God has loved us, and in being in Christ’s Family grow closer to each other. Through learning and exploring our topic, to deepen and strengthen our Faith!

Camp Douglas
RR22 1341 Margaret Road, Roberts Creek, B.C

For details and to download the registration form, please see the VTPC website.

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Event: Ratanak Foundation sharing

Lord, the light of your love is shining!

Brian McConaghy from the Ratanak Foundation will be coming to speak at the College & Career Fellowship at the Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church.
When: Saturday January 16th, 2010 @ 7:30PM
Who: Everyone is invited to come and listen – contents may not be suitable for children.
Where: Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church (Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church) – 2733 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver (Near 41st and Trafalgar) – in the CHURCH HALL across from the main sanctuary on the other side of the parking lot.

The Ratanak Foundation is a non-profit, Christian development organization aiming to help the people of Cambodia to rebuild their country after a long history of civil war and genocide. Ratanak’s desire is to:

  • Care for Exploited Children
  • Provide Medical Services
  • Provide Outreach Programs to Prisons
  • Care for Orphans
  • Help Families in Crisis
  • Provide Education
  • Improve Sanitation
  • Assist in Agricultural Development

The Ratanak Foundation was set up in 1990 and has since then been through many difficult times, but also seen tremendous successes. This is a great opportunity to come and learn more about missions, and see what God is doing to shine light on some of the darkest places in the world.

About Brian
Brian McConaghy, Founding Director of the Ratanak Foundation, was a Forensic Scientist with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 22 years. For 19 of those years he performed his duties with the RCMP while setting up and running the Ratanak Foundation as a volunteer. Brian is a man with a burden for the people of Cambodia. Having grown up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Brian knows what it is to live under the stress of political turmoil.

Brian first visited Cambodian refugee camps in Thailand in 1989. What he witnessed there appalled him. This experience led him into Cambodia several months later to find conditions were worse than in the camps. This was the start of a long journey that has taken Brian and the Ratanak Foundation through many challenging and rewarding times in their desire to be servants of the Khmer people. After visiting Cambodian refugee camps and seeing a documentary on Cambodia, Brian was moved to study the complexities of this country and to do something to alleviate the suffering. The result was a foundation named after a little girl he saw dying in that documentary. Brian never got to meet Ratanak but she changed his life. His dedication to the people of Cambodia is a reflection of the person of Jesus Christ at work in his life.

Brian will be a speaker both at Urbana 2009 and Mission Fest Vancouver 2010.


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特邀Ratanak Foundation的Brian McConaghy來溫演講。

Ratanak Foundation是一個基督教非營利組織,致力於協助經歷過長期內戰和殺戮的柬埔寨重建家園,主要工作包括關顧被剝削的兒童、提供醫療服務、提供監獄外展事工、關顧孤兒、幫助遇到危機的家庭、提供教育、改善環境衛生以及協助農業開發。  Ratanak Foundation成立於1990年,經歷過諸多艱困,亦取得巨大成功。這是一個了解這一事工,見證上帝在世界上一些最黑暗的地方所作成的事及所發出的榮光的好機會,歡迎大家參加。

地點: 溫哥華台灣基督長老教會(2733 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver ,Near 41st and Trafalgar, “Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church”內)。

關於創辦者: Brian McConaghy

曾作為法醫官服務於加拿大皇家騎警達22年之久,於此同時作為義工著手組建和管理Ratanak Foundation。他對柬埔寨人民有特別的負擔,本人成長於北愛爾蘭貝爾法斯特市,對政治衝突有切身體會。1989年他首次探訪泰國的柬埔寨難民營,所見所聞給他留下深刻的印象。數月後,他又赴柬埔寨親自察訪,所見所聞更比泰國的柬埔寨難民營嚴苛許多,因此他便投身於服侍高棉人民的工作,經歷過無數既有艱辛,又有喜悅的年日,走過了一段崎嶇不平的路程。

在探訪難民營時,他從一個記錄片中了解到有關柬埔寨的情形,因而想更多了解有關的複雜歷史背景,並力圖幫助緩解那裡的苦難。他所創辦的Ratanak Foundation就是用了那個影片中快要死去的一個小女孩的名字—Ratanak!他雖然從未見過這個小女孩子,但她卻完全改變了他的人生。他為柬埔寨人民貢獻心力,也是主耶穌在他生命中所做工作的反映。

Brian McConaghy也是2010年度溫哥華差傳年會的講員之一。

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