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The Extremity of God


A few years ago I visited San Francisco for the first time. Besides being a fascinating city, there was something else that struck me. It was something that I read one afternoon in Starbucks as I was waiting for my coffee. I was looking at a specialty mug that they were selling, featuring some general information about the city. On the mug was listed the average temperatures of San Francisco in both January and July, and it read something like this, “Average temperature in January: 14 degrees Celsius. Average temperature in July: 16 degrees Celsius.” “What?” I thought to myself. “Two degrees – that’s it?” Apparently it is never hot, it is never cold, it is always just somewhere in between.

In a strange way, on a spiritual level, God hates San Francisco. Not the city, not the people, but the temperature. Read the rest of this entry »


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Brad|中文翻譯: 蔡穎

我幾年前第一次去舊金山,那是個很有意思的城市,不過有一點令我很震驚。某天下午,我正在Starbucks買咖啡,看到賣架上有一個特別的咖啡杯,杯上列出了舊金山一月及七月的平均氣溫:「一月平均氣溫,攝氏14 度;七月平均溫度,攝氏16度」。我心想:「什麼?只相差兩度而已嗎?」看來這裡從不炎熱也從不寒冷,總是在酷熱和寒冷之間。 

奇怪的是,在屬靈層面上,上帝恨惡舊金山。祂恨的並不是這城市,也不是這裡的人,而是這地方的溫度。  Read the rest of this entry »

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The Best in the World: Thoughts on the Good Samaritan


When I was younger, my favourite sport was road hockey, and I played every chance I got. Consequently, I became pretty good at it. But in my young mind, I soon thought I wasn’t just pretty good; I was the best in the world! Everyone I played with couldn’t run like me, couldn’t shoot like me, couldn’t stick-handle like me – I would play with older kids and I was better than them too! But that little world all came crashing down one day. Read the rest of this entry »

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Brad | 中譯:楊光

小的時候,我最喜歡在街道上打曲棍球,一有機會就出去玩,所以我打得還挺不錯。但是,過了一陣,在我幼小的心靈中,我覺得我不僅僅打得好,而是世界上最好的!沒人比我跑得快,沒人射門比我射得準,沒人的球技比我的精,連比我年齡大的孩子都沒我打得好!但是有一天我的這個世界崩潰了。 Read the rest of this entry »

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