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God Breaks Through

Michael Yeo

I was addicted to morphine at the age of twelve, during the early 70s when hippie culture and underground R&B music had tremendous influence on drug addicts. Dad passed away when I was fourteen, so my mum had to work really hard because my family was poor. Growing up, I developed a rebellious never-say-die attitude.

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楊明弟 | 中譯:蔡穎

在70年代早期, 當嬉皮文化和地下藍調音樂對毒癮者有著極大的影響力時, 十二歲的我染上了嗎啡的毒癮。父親在我十四歲時過世後, 我的母親必須要辛勤工作才能撐起我們貧窮的家庭。也因此, 我從小就養成了一個叛逆甚至死不罷休的人生態度

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"Double-edged"is bilingual blog in affiliation with Truth Monthly, a Chinese Christian monthly print publication based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This blog features mostly original writings as well as comics, poetry, and other works of art by local Christian young adults.

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Why “Double-edged?”

The name speaks of, not only the biblical reference from Hebrews 4:12, but also of a generation of young adults who are bilingual and bicultural. This blog would be the connecting point and gateway into these two cultures--from a Christian perspective. It is our prayer that, through this blog and its articles, young adults will turn to God and be strengthened in their faith.