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Jobless Meanderings

*Exciting new writer*


Being laid off isn’t fun. Your identity, to a large extent (although it shouldn’t be), is attached to what you do for a living. I am particularly proud of my living because I have a cool job: I’m a fashion designer. I went to Ryerson. I’m artistic. I’m creative. I’m different. I’m unique—and I’m proud of it. Landing my first job was a proud moment. Prestigious agency, fancy job title, working downtown—and I loved what I did. I was on my way. Or so I thought.
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*Exciting new writer*

Pseudonymous | 中譯:蔡穎

被解雇不是件好玩的事! 一般來說,人的身分建立在他的職業上(雖然這是不應該的)而我尤其以工作而自豪 –– 我是一名時裝設計師,我畢業於多倫多的Ryerson大學,我是個藝術家,我充滿創意,我與眾不同、獨一無二 –– 而且為此我感到驕傲!得到我第一份工作是個令我驕傲的一刻 –– 有名望的工作室,高級職稱,在市中心工作,而且做得是我喜愛的工作。一切都安置妥當、向前進,至少我是這麼認為的。
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"Double-edged"is bilingual blog in affiliation with Truth Monthly, a Chinese Christian monthly print publication based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Why “Double-edged?”

The name speaks of, not only the biblical reference from Hebrews 4:12, but also of a generation of young adults who are bilingual and bicultural. This blog would be the connecting point and gateway into these two cultures--from a Christian perspective. It is our prayer that, through this blog and its articles, young adults will turn to God and be strengthened in their faith.