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Early Retirement


If you’re like me, you dream of the day when you retire. Or better yet, the day when you win the lottery so that you can retire early (Bonus: you’re young enough to actually enjoy it). You know what I’m talking about: the day when you are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and have the means to do it. After all, isn’t that what we labor so hard for? We work 40+ hours a week, invest in RRSPs so that one day we can retire with our nest egg and take it easy. After all, didn’t God tell us to be good stewards of money?
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Dance of Peace

Kiera Lhys

How is it that such gloominess captures me?
Rain streams from the heavens without end.
Are they God’s tears? Or the Gardener’s care?
Falling and falling, continuously, endlessly, falling
Such a strange repetition with a wry beauty.
A visit from above, a soft pitter on the ground.
The rain continues to come, continues to fall.
In falling it entrances me, enslaves my eyes.
Though exhausted, my mind is ablaze with thoughts
While I watch this greyness pouring down and down
Safely from inside the window, away from the wind
And rain that never ceases, long as I may watch.
Such calm steals through my soul as I sit,
A peace that cannot exist fills my heart, my mind.
I worry over nothing, no stress can touch me
As long as I am still, unmoving, listening to the quiet,
Listening to the whisper of my own thoughts, listening
To the gentle pattering of the rain’s dance, nature’s song.

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Christ-centred Compassion

H. Lo

I went to East Africa this past summer for several weeks doing community development work in two villages, one in Kenya and one in Ethiopia. I had just joined staff with a humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO) and so I went on this trip to get an idea of the kind of project I would be taking Canadians on in the near future.

In Kenya, we built a dormitory for teachers who walked 4 hours a week to work and worked on implementing a new sprinkler system for the farm in the village. In Ethiopia, we built a school in a Somali village.

It was a life-impacting trip, but I didn’t get any explosive, life-altering moments.
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來源:福音時報  |  報道:卓越
(福音時報) 據遠方的心月博客分享,中國跳水運動員伏明霞及丈夫梁錦松前任香港財政司長信仰見證。伏明霞是中國前著名跳水運動員,被稱為跳水女皇,曾是三屆奧運金牌得主。梁錦松是成功的香港商界大腕,後曾棄商從政出任財政司司長。他們於2002年結婚,2009年11月受洗。
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