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Once Upon a Time

Kiera Lhys

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time.
Simple words that begin a fairy tale.
Fairies, and magic, and evil queens,
And happily-ever-afters.
Once upon a time.
There once lived a little girl.
Her mama ran away without a thought,
Leaving her alone with Papa and Granma,
And her once-upon-a-times.
Her papa got her a new mama,
And her granma went to heaven.
Still, the little girl kept living
In once-upon-a-times.
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Kiera Lhys ︱中譯:小米


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The Best in the World: Thoughts on the Good Samaritan


When I was younger, my favourite sport was road hockey, and I played every chance I got. Consequently, I became pretty good at it. But in my young mind, I soon thought I wasn’t just pretty good; I was the best in the world! Everyone I played with couldn’t run like me, couldn’t shoot like me, couldn’t stick-handle like me – I would play with older kids and I was better than them too! But that little world all came crashing down one day. Read the rest of this entry »

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Brad | 中譯:楊光

小的時候,我最喜歡在街道上打曲棍球,一有機會就出去玩,所以我打得還挺不錯。但是,過了一陣,在我幼小的心靈中,我覺得我不僅僅打得好,而是世界上最好的!沒人比我跑得快,沒人射門比我射得準,沒人的球技比我的精,連比我年齡大的孩子都沒我打得好!但是有一天我的這個世界崩潰了。 Read the rest of this entry »

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