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Encounters Part I: Taiwan


Two months ago, I was on a plane bound for Taiwan to begin my one-year journey away from home as a Partner of OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) to do part-time missionary work whilst “tent-making” as a children’s English teacher. Having never lived on my own before and being fresh out of university, I felt like I had been plucked out of my sheltered life and dropped into an entirely new world. I am currently a part-time teacher at an English school and a helper at a new church-plant in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I’ve been pushed to learn Mandarin, to drive a scooter, and to look after myself. Read the rest of this entry »


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盧詠莛 | 中譯: 蔡穎

兩個月前,我搭乘飛機前往台灣,開始了離家為期一年去作「海外基督使團」的宣教事工,並且由當英文老師來維持生活。今年大學剛畢業的我,從未有自己隻身在外的經歷,突然覺得自己從一個備受呵護的生活中被拽出來、丟進了一個全新的世界。我現在臺灣高雄市一所英文學校作教師,也在當地一所新植堂的教會裡幫忙。因這裡的環境,我被迫學習國語、騎機車、並照顧自己的日常生活。儘管很想家,而且結識新朋友以及建立一個新生活很費力,但是上帝依然信實,祂的神性及祂對我的愛不曾改變。我也從「海外基督使團」的同伴和其他宣教士身上體驗了上帝的慈愛。遇到了這些從世界各地而來、堅守信仰的基督徒們,使我預先體會到以後在天堂裡的美好! Read the rest of this entry »

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Why “Double-edged?”

The name speaks of, not only the biblical reference from Hebrews 4:12, but also of a generation of young adults who are bilingual and bicultural. This blog would be the connecting point and gateway into these two cultures--from a Christian perspective. It is our prayer that, through this blog and its articles, young adults will turn to God and be strengthened in their faith.